Product Security Response


Analog Devices seeks to mitigate risk associated with any security vulnerability that may be discovered in our products. We accomplish this objective by analyzing all reported and discovered vulnerabilities and providing our customers with timely information, analysis, and guidance on appropriate mitigation.

After investigating and validating a reported vulnerability, ADI will work to create an appropriate remedy, if it believes a remedy is required. A remedy may take the form of a new product release, patch, or update, corrective procedures to work around or resolve the security issue, or additional guidance customers may use to provide protection against the reported issue(s) in the affected product(s).

ADI will make every effort to provide the remedy or corrective action in the minimum reasonable time in order to protect our customers and partners. ADI communicates security information and/or updates to customers through our regular support channels.

Customer Rights: Warranties, Support, and Maintenance

ADI’s customers' rights with respect to warranties and support and maintenance of the applicable ADI product or service are governed solely by, and subject in all respects to, our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, and any other applicable agreement between ADI and each such customer.

The statements on this web page don't modify or enlarge any customer rights or create any additional warranties, whether express or implied. Any information provided to ADI regarding vulnerabilities in ADI products, including all information in a product vulnerability report, shall become the sole property of ADI and may be used by ADI without any duty to account or pay consideration to the provider of such information.

Published Communications

Security Alert
Impact of Spectre/Meltdown Vulnerabilities in ADI Products
January 30, 2018

Security Advisory
Analog Devices Advisory to ICS ALERT-17-073-01
May 23, 2017